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I found this list online and plan on adding a few of my own links to it- so look for more links added to the list in a couple of days.

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1. Reporting Spam to Google -
2. Use Google to search your website -
3. Submit your website to Google -
4. Monitor Keyword Phrases - (This is neat to check out however does not help that much)
5. Googles Guidelines for Websmasters - (A must read new people)
6. Facts for Webmasters -
7. Having Trouble? Contact Google Directly -
8. Googles Top 3 asked Questions -

1. Get your products into Froogle -

1. PPC with Espotting -

Website Design & Tools
1. Free Forms for your website TFMail -
2. Validate Your HTML -
3. HTTP Error Code Meanings -
4. Keyword Tracking -
5. Link Checker -;%20charset=utf-8
6. Search Engine Relationship Chart -
Bruce Clay does an excellent job of keeping this updated.
7. Link Popularity Checker (Uptime Bot) -
8. Character Counting - (This is great when optimizing your title or meta tags)
9. Character Encoding - (Ever wonder what those iso-8859-4 or utf-8 were or how to use them?)
10. Converting Hex to Dec or Vias Versa -
11. Ascii-Dec-Hex Conversion Code Chart -
12. Ascii-HTML View Conversion Chart - (This is an excellent resource when placing ascii code on your website. Remember to use the correct character encoding)
13. Ascii Chart in .GIF Format -
14. Customer Focus Tool - (Tells you whether your website is focused on your customers or not)
15. Dead Link Checker - (Doesn't crawl links within Frames or JavaScript)
16. Adsense Simulator - (This will give you an idea of what ads will be displayed on your website before you place them)
17. Google Page Rank Calculator - (This is an advanced tool for finding out what you need to get your PR to the next level.)
18. Page Rank Finder - (This is a great tool to find quality websites with the PR that you are looking for to exchange websites with. This tool only looks at the home page not the link pages. This tool looks at 10 pages or 100 results)
19. Future Google PR - - This is an article that tells you what datacenter your Google PR is udpated on first.
20. Keyword Analysis Tool - - This tool is a must. It's quick and easy to use
21. Keyword Density Analyzer -
22. Keyword Difficulty Checker - (You will need a Google API for this one)
23. Free Google API -
24. Rocket Rank - - This will only check the top 20 of the following SE's:
(All The Web DMOZ AltaVista Overture Excite Web Crawler HotBot Lycos What U Seek Yahoo)

Keyword Suggestion Tools:
25. WordTracker & Overture Suggestions - This is the best one of the three
26. Adwords Suggestion -
27. Overture Suggestion -
28. Link Analyzer - Analyze the ratio of internal liinks vs. external links. This is a good tool when determining page rank leakage.
29. Link Appeal - (Want to know whether or not you actually want your link on that page?)
30. Link City - (This place has EVERY tool under the sun for everything you could ever possibly want)
31. Link Reputation - (Reveals baclinks pointing to the target URL along with a link survey for eack backlink.)
32. Google PR Tools - (This guy has tons of fantastic tools. He is not as popular as some of the rest but the tools are great)
33. Protect Your e-mail address - (Obfuscates your e-mail so spambots don't pick it up from the Internet)
34. Digital Points Ad Network - - After using all of the tools and more on this page. This has helped out the rankings faster than anything else.
35. Sandbox Detection Tool - - Is your website being sandboxed?
36. Spider Simulation - - See what the spider sees on your website
37. SEO-Toys - - These are some things that I had in my favorites. Some of them are okay.
38. Multiple SEO Tools - - This website has a variety of misc. tools on it that you can use to better your search engine rankings.
39. Bot Spotter - - This is a phenomenal script that will track what bots hit your website at what times. (Runs on PHP enabled websites)
40. Net Mechanic - - This will break your website down and tell you any errors that you may be unaware of.
41. Statcounter - - This will track your clients throughout the dynamically created pages of your website. This is a free service. (of course I don't have to mention this to you guys)
42. Dr. HTML - - This will test your website for any errors that you may be unaware of and tell you how to fix them.
43. Page Rank Calculation -

Webmaster Forums
1. Web Pro World -
2. Webmaster World -
3. Digital Point -
4. Search Engine World -
(There are 10,000,000 others but those are some good ones)

Newsletters & Articles
1. Ezine Publishing- Great site for free submition of articles. Good way to start building links. Sign up(for free) and get 10 free submitions.
2. Site Pro News - (This guy has some great articles however he tells you up front he knows nothing of SEO)
3. In Stat - (This has some decent insite)
4. Page Rank Explained -
5. Seach Engine Ratings and Reviews -
6. Database of Robots -
(Ever wondered anything about the spiders that are out there?)
7. Guide to deisgning a website - - This is an online book that tells you the basics of website design.

Webmaster Information

1. Want to know where all of the Internet traffic is at? -

ISAPI Rewrites
1. URL Replacer - (Free) -
2. Mod Rewrite2 - ($39.90US) -
3. URL Rewrite - (23.00EUR) -

Link Exchanging
1. Links Manager ($20.00US /mo)- (This is great for the beginner however you will find out that you need to majorly adjust your pages manually in order to pread page rank throughout them otherwise you end up with 20 pages with no PR and 1 page with PR.)
2. Page Rank Finder - (This is a great tool to find quality websites with the PR that you are looking for to exchange websites with. This tool only looks at the home page not the link pages. This tool looks at 10 pages or 100 results)
3. Link Appeal - (Want to know whether or not you actually want your link on that page?)
4. 131 Link Building Strategies- Great article with lots of tips. Some of the recommended sites are out of date, but the concepts are still valid.

Search Engine Submissions
1. Submit Express - (A lot of people utilize this service. I don't utilize it)
2. Alexa -
3. AOL -
4. DMOZ Dummies Guide -
5. DMOZ Instructions -
6. DMOZ Resource Forum - (This is where you go when you website doesn't show up in DMOZ after you have submitted READ THEIR RULES FOR ASKING)
7. ExactSeek -
8. Google -
9. Yahoo (You must have an account)
10. Yahoo Directory Help -
11. Yahoo Express Submit TOS - (After reading the TOS for Yahoo, I would never submit my website to Yahoo and pay the $300.00 to due so- Everyone, I broke down and was forced to pay the $300.00. The website would not get past 30 for months and about 2 weeks after we paid it we are now number 10.)
12. Yahoo Submit Help -
13. MSN -
14. Links Manger Bizweb 2000- A small portal to submit you r website services.

If you have any tools that are not listed here and would like to add them, please do. This is only a partial list of the tools that I utilize.


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Keyword Density Checker
Keyword Suggestion Tool
Link Popularity Checker
Link Suggestion Tool
Multiple Keyword Search Engine Position Tool
Multi Rank Checker
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Reciprocal Link Checker
Search Engine Position Checker
Search Engine Saturation Checker
Spider View
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