Creating and encouraging more ideas

I know that the most successful marketers/ marketing teams in the world are the ones who are able to stay on top of current trends. As I sit in Paul Allen's class today and listen to him talk about problems in many of the companies he consults with, he talked about this very issue.

How do you encourage new ideas and creative marketing ideas?

Make room for it!!! Most companies keep their employees so busy on daily operations and projects that "need to get done" that marketers and the marketing team do not have time to try out new things or look into implementing great ideas.

Heck, I even experience this very thing at my current job. SO many projects and things that need to be done to fix problems and whatnot, that there is not room for new ideas.
I am full of new ideas and reverse marketing strategies that could be very beneficial, but I usually get shot down. Or even if it seems like a good idea, I get the "we will put it on the list of things to do" response.

So I can see how most companies run into this problem. You just need to find people like me that actually spend time online reading cases and getting news and papers and are wanting to try new things. More little bits of advice.


Kim Bui said...

I find this very interesting. You should write more about this.