Reverse Marketing to Maximize Online Reach

Think like a customer, market accordingly. That applies as much online as it does offline. Reverse marketing online can be very challenging. How do you get your information and products out to as many people as possible? Well, consider yourself a consumer, and the outlets you have contact with everyday (on the internet). Websites you know of, news sites, sports sites, RSS feeds, blogs, articles and commerce.

Now, in marketing terms, we need to find avenies to get our information through each of these channels. I cam updating my Free Internet Marketing Tools list. I provide one earlier on in this blog, and it was a useful list. however, I have much more useful tools now, and combonation of about 25 different sources and proffesionals. It will outline everything from publishing press releases to submitting your RSS feed to news sites around the world. Its quite the list. Be on the lookout!

**The sitemap experiment has gone well. I just assume that most of the negative feedback that I read in the Google Groups were the few who for some reason run into problems. I submmitted sitemaps for all of the websites that I manage, and have not had a problem. I can't really say that I have seen an improvement though. My sites were already indexed by Google, had decent PR and ranked ok. So I cant really expect that sitemaps will give me that large of a boost.

But, I also submitted my blogs into sitemaps. I also added a sitemap for each blog (just submit you Atom feed url into the url space in the sitemap submit menu). Since my blogs do not have much in terms of rankings, I will swee what difference that makes.