Internet Marketing Tip of the Day

Online retail is continually facing challenges with internet growth and improvement. An interesting article I just read in Internet Retailer had a very smart quote as it relates to online shopping:

"In today's online shopping world, informational revealed later in the process. Your confidence that you saw all relevant products is low."

This hits the nail right on the head. For those online retailers out there, this it worth its weight in gold. I have been tinkering with various web layouts and processes in the online retail company I currently work for. The concept of how to lay out your products for the end consumer is a never ending testing process. But as changes have been made, I see the results confirm this very aspect.

Sometimes it makes sense from a marketing standpoint to allow the customer to narrow down results to only a select few products that meet their criteria. But the fact of the matter is that customers need to feel comfortable that they re seeing all of the possible options. Giving search results of only a few products conveys a possibility of the existence of more products that match their needs but are not being shown.

Give the consumer more information and more product option earlier on in the process and you may see conversion levels increase. Just keep in mind that what makes sense to you more often than not is not what makes sense to the customer.