More Free Tools for Online Marketing

Since my last post on reverse marketing, I promised a master list of tools, and this is the beginning. I call my list I keep on hand the "Internet Marketing Bible". The packet of tools I have is about 20 pages long, so I will just touch on the best of the tools I have.

By far, the best overall free tool is Web CEO. It is a complete software package that tracks your websites and keeps statistics that you want. It can track your organic rankings over time for your keywords, keeps track of your linking strategies, can submit to search engines, tracks competitors, and more. I just use the keyword ranking and link tracking, since all the other services (PPC management and analytics) I use through Google and other sources. Great free tool!

Free Directory Submissions: Lists the top 50 directories you can submit your website to.

Press Releases:, These two sites provide a decent free press release service. Great for getting articles and PR and links. I would recommend paying the $30 or so however. Usually this small amount will get you to the top of the first page of releases on your release date.

RSS Feed creators: I am sure everyone by now knows what RSS is. A way to feed you site's content into other places on the net. Whether you use Blogger, other blogging service, or have a website, these two tools are very helpful in getting an RSS feed set up and running:
Feedburner: Hosts and creates an RSS feed address for any type of feed. Just type in your url and get ready to go.
Cut'n'Paste RSS Feed: After creating a feed in feedburner, use your new feed url in here and it will create the HTML so you can have your feed put into another website. Very easy to customize.

XML Sitemaps: is a great and easy tool to create your sitemap to insert into your website for Google and other search engines to see.

Keyword Density Tool: This tool from SEO Chat quickly analysis your keyword density for any given page. Optimal keyword density? Well, people say anywhere from 2.5% - 5%. I usually hover around 3.5%

Split Testing: AdComparator allows you to a simple multi-variate test on your own ads or creative. It allows you to enter in the different thing you want to test, and after entering in the information from the test it gives you your analysis. Great tool.

Live PR Tracker: Track your Live Google PageRank and see which Data Centers are logging what PR for your site. Interesting to see the difference sometimes.

Public Relations Advice and Tools: has some good discussion on public relations and the sidebar has some useful tools to check out.

Firefox SEM Extension: By far the most amazing and useful extension. It automatically give you the vital rankings (PR, Alexa, Backlinks, Directories, Indexed Pages) for every website right on a Google search results page. You don't even have to go to the individual websites. Just download the extension and every time you search on Google, it runs the results in a box just below every website. Brilliant!

Well, that's a good start. Next time I will post a list of Blog/RSS directories you cant submit your blog to for inclusion. Good luck!