Sitemap experiments

I am trying an experiment with Google Sitemaps. I submitted a sitemap to the new sitemaps program for one of the websites I manage. I have heard mixed reviews about sitemaps, and the sitemap blog on Google certainly has a large base of complaints.

So I will take two different sites, both with decent PR (5) and Alexa rankings (100,000) and see what effect sitemap submission will have on indexing. I keep track of the pages indexed and will be sure to monitor closely.

Obviously, the more pages indexed the better right? Reverse marketing concepts would point out that visibility is vital for consumers. So we will see what happens.

Reverse Marketing is Back!

Well, it has been a while since I have jumped online. Sorry! I have moved into new employement and I am getting a great chance to employ my own tacticts and try new things and make my own decisions. It is really fun.

I have been learning and experimenting with quite a lot of online marketing things. I will continue now to talk and add these things in future posts to let everyone know about my marketing experience.

For now though, my reverse marketing blog is back up and running. I am excited to get going and give everyone my free advice and experience as I try new things out.