Landing Pages for Websites cont'd

And the most important aspect (as text is related)?

The headline.

THe headlines of your pages should directly correlate to the place they came from. Your customer clicked to your landing page for a reason, and they need confirmation that they are in the right place.

As mentioned before, as an internet marketer you know that you have about 8 sec. to convince a visitor to stay- and the headline is the easiest way to confort them into investing more time.

Lets look at this heatmap- how much of anything else besides the Headline and picture are even looked at?

The point is that the visitor makes the decision off of those initial aspects,period. So no matter what the programmers and designers say, the decision needs to be based off of what the consumer does; the behavior of the consumer. Reverse marketing ring a bell? Yep, consumer focused websites are a must.